November 29, 2006

Making the 2125 work with Vista (part 2)…

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Chances are, if you’re an HTC 2125 user, that you use the sync feature of the phone. It’s especially appropriate for this phone, as the T9 entry makes it difficult to lay down data really quickly. If you’re also a Vista user, you may have found the inability to use Activesync somewhat annoying.
Dragging and dropping files is something, but not enough.
If you’re willing to tough it out with Windows Mobile Device Center Beta 3, you may be able to get things working. I ran into the problem of having my phone connect for a while but fail about 250 KB into being connected. My attempts to move the OneNote Mobile cab (about 450KB) over USB resulted in hours of frustration.
I still haven’t had much luck with USB, but I did get everything working over Bluetooth after several more hours of fighting, uninstalling, re-installing, etc.
The answer ended up being relatively simple:
Connect the phone via USB.
The connection lasted long enough to establish a partnership without crashing, after which Bluetooth sync worked with relative ease. It’s not fast (I have an $8 BT1.2/USB1.1 dongle), but it’s functional.
Never underestimate the power of lowered expectations.

Making the 2125 work with Vista.

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If you own a Cingular 2125, there’s a chance that you’re interested in having it act as a usb modem with your computer. If you’re a Windows Vista user, this might be difficult, as the usbser.sys file is not available in the usual way. I spent a lot of time hunting for the fix, and eventually came upon this knowledge-base article at Microsoft, describing how this problem should be fixed by driver writers.
It turns out that more than a few people have gone through this headache, and one of the fix-files is here, with the device renamed so you can tell which driver you’re installing in the driver install wizard.
Here you go.
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